The Ratchelor

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Play is here! Made by Algorats ( Caroline Hermans, Connie Ye, Char Stiles) alt text

The Ratchelor is an online dating game where you meet many rats and find true love after selecting your most elligible suitor. Can be played in about ten minutes - pick 7 of the available 21 rats, talk to them and get to know them, giving roses only to those who tickle your heart.

The Ratchelor was released in 2021, and in 2022 we released The Ratchelor 2. Total, we have had over 1 million playthroughs.

For this project, I drew all the assets and illustrations (except for the anime endings), woorked on character development, wrote dialogue, implemented the reactions system, and collaborated on design choices.

Choose Your character and your suitors, get to know them one on one, keep around the ones you like the most, propose to your love and spend eternity together

Everyone gets a happy ending!

Here are some of the epilogues from The Ratchelor 2

And epilogues from The Ratchelor