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Algorat is a collective whose other members are Caroline Hermans, Connie Ye, and Char Stiles.

Find us on Twitter and Instagram and Ko.fi and Itch.io and probably many other places!

We are a rat-centric computational arts collective that primarily make online content that can be experienced on your phone or laptop, and can be shared with friends. We started making things in 2019; check out or website at algorat.club

Here are some of our Projects:

The Ratchelor

Play it here Read more about it here The Ratchelor is an online dating game where you meet many rats and find true love Released on Valentines day 2021, we went viral on tik-tok and have since had over 1 million playthroughs. In 2022 we released The Ratchelor 2

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Try it out here Ratmaker lets you create a custom rat persona by selecting various characteristics or randomizing.

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Sweaterat creator

Try it out here Interactive canvas that lets you customize a rats sweater as he rotates through 3d space.

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Try it out here Algotines is a nonesense valentines generator that we made for Valentines day 2019. Uses markov chains and data scraped hallmark cards to create nonsensicle and silly shareable sentiments.

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