Monster Generator

generated monster

This project can be run in browser through the p5js editor


I draw a lot of ‘monsters’, so I started this project by drawing another and analysing my process in term of what I drew first, how I start on the page, and how I bring everything together. I dissected my process see if there where mathematical ways I could try to imitate it.

sketch sketch


I started off by making a generative hexagone, then finding the midpoints of all the edges, then from there I created a base joint function, which would find a start point, end point, and mid point. Since I didn’t want them to be straight lines for arms, I used a formula which finds the centerpoint of the circle that contains all three points as edgepoints, then I used more trig to figure out the origin of all the points on the arc between the start and endpoint. Then I created a start and end diameter for the arm, and drew circle along the arc that either increased or decreased in length. Then I started adding color within certain parameters so that it would look more natural, and added gradients along the limbs. After this, I curved the main body, and started to draw the face. Once I succeeded with this I added a mouth, and finally eyes. Here are all the stages I went through post-hexagon, up till the final result

Here are two gifs showing various stages as I went along:

a gif showing process

a gif showing process

And still images of the same process:

And just for fun some color variations